Allow heatgrid series selection

Yoav Chen shared this idea 2 years ago
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When i build bars, columns, area and line charts i can provide several dimensions and toggle between them (series).

What i would like to have is a heat grid chart that complement these dimensions, so when i toggle between the dimension, the heat grid changes dimension accordingly (see attached images).

I can link series between charts on a dashboard and have all of them change dimension, but the heat grid stays fixed on one dimension only, which is a shame because it breaks the whole dashboard behavior.

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Hi Yoav,

This is a good idea, all we would need to do is support series selection on heat grids.

Then once done, the dashboard would allow you to link via series select.

This enhancement has been logged and will keep you posted on any updates, though at this point in time, it has yet to be planned.




Having a toggle on dimensions series selection in general, rather than just on the metrics series selection that is currently available would be great as well!