Allow hard coded drill through filters

Giovanni Farris shared this idea 6 years ago

Currently, if you want to have a target report support multiple parent reports, based on a flag, and drive to it from a chart, you need to jump through considerable hoops.

Basically, if you don't use the field in the chart, e.g. Is Latest=true, you cannot pass it through the drill through. You can sort of work around this by creating a filter that you pass through. However, that filter cannot have a defined value, but must be a user prompt filter. You can set a default value for the filter, but, then the user must see that value in their report filters.

It would be ideal if you could:

1. Pass through a non-user input to a drill through report


2. In the definition of the drill through filter linking, include a hard coded value for the filter field/filter join.

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Hi Giovanni,

Hope you've been well.

We did make changes to charts/drill-through a while back, and it was determined the best logic for drilling was to ensure that all data existing on the chart, so if it's not there it simply won't be passed. There were multiple discussions on this, and there are no plans to change this.

Before I go ahead and write if off as 'not planned', I want to make sure I'm not missing anything.

If you want to have a hard-coded filter apply to a child report, is there a reason why you wouldn't just add the filter to the child report? Seems like since it's hard-coded on the parent, you want it to also be hard-coded on the child.




Hi David,

This is a circumstance where I have a dashboard showing reports with multiple cuts by a particular dimension.  Say for example, I had 3 charts on a dashboard that were focused specifically around the Luxury demographic in the Ski School.  However, when I drill through from that report to a detail report, I want to pass in the demographic since the target report will support drill through from multiple reports.

I understand that fields have to be present on a chart in order to use them in a drill through.  However, you do allow for the pass through of filters along with the chart fields.  I’m just asking that a filter that has a defined value, instead of a user prompt, can also be passed to the target report through the drill through definition.  Today I have to jerry-rig it by having a user visible filter that is present to the user, but is populated with a single value that is selected by default.   That doesn’t make for a smooth experience.    The other alternative is to replicate the target report multiple times with a hard coded filter, which is a maintenance problem for ISV’s.

I hope this helps explain what I’m getting at.



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Hi Giovanni,

All makes sense and logged idea.

Will provide any future updates if any progress is made.

Thanks for the feedback.



Hi Guys,

Just wanted to let you know that this task has now been completed and included in the latest 9.3 release.

Please let us know how it all goes post upgrade, or if there was anything else you were after.


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