Allow gagues to have customisable min/max values

Rendy Steffian shared this idea 5 years ago

Currently the min/max values are set automatically.

Some customer would prefer to have adjustable values either based on specific values or percentages of the totals.

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Hi Rendy,

Sorry for the delays on this.

I think you can get close to what you're after by using conditional formats. While they're not going to be dynamic, you don't necessarily want the meter color to be dynamic anyway. You can hard code the colour ranges with conditional formats, and the meter range will respect that.This means the needle will move around, by the meter scale won't.

This would also be the case for % of total, as long as you are only returning a single %, as there is only 1 needle. here is an example:





Another thing would be to check if a meter chart is the best type of chart to display your data. It's possible a radar chart or trellis chart would suit you better.

Hope this helps!




Hi David,

Thanks for your feedback. but actually i already used the conditional format also. but the Meter Chart always start from 0.

The request of the user, they want the minimum value start form 70.

Kindly see the attachment.





hi Rendy

i may have found a way to figure this out. With the metre chart, it will always start from 0, but it is possible for your data to start from the 70 value point.

if you can amend the rules for starting point to be 70 then the charts starting point of data will start from the 70 mark. it might also be helpful to select a dial chart as you can change the angle of the chart on this to make it look neater but again it will still have a 0 starting point but data will show from where you want it to start.

I've attached some screenshots below so you can see what i did and hopefully you like it!

best wishes,


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