Allow customizable data point shapes for line charts

Andrew Clauson shared this idea 3 years ago
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It would be nice if we had the ability to customize data point shapes on line charts. For example:

  • customize the size of the shapes
  • customize the shapes themselves (eg. set all shapes for all chart series as a circle, or a square, rather than a random assortment of different shapes by series)
  • customize a fill and/or stroke for the shapes that might be different from the rest of the line

This is all very easily done OOB in Excel, and Yellowfin for some reason already allows the user to make data point shapes "hollow" (i.e. a white fill).

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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for submitting this idea. I've gone ahead and looked for a method to accomplish this however wasn't able to. As such I've submitted it as an enhancement to our development team.

Any updates on this enhancement I will be sure to provide to you here. If you have any questions for me in the meantime let me know.



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