Additional functionality on Auto Charts

Angelo Rigakis shared this idea 2 months ago
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When using an Auto Chart, there is limited functionality when compared to other chart types, such as Line Charts. When adding a date data type and categorical data type to the horizontal axis, and a metric to the vertical axis, a Combined Line Chart is created. This chart type does not exist in Yellowfin outside of the Auto Chart function.

This means that typical Line Chart functionality doesn't exist in this Chart such as series selection where the user is able to select different date periods (day, week, month, year)


The ask is to improve Auto Chart functionality to include time series selection, and/or to add a Combined Line Chart.

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Thanks for reaching out with your suggestion.

I've logged this Enhancement Request on your behalf with the Product Team for further review. Such requests will be reviewed by our Product Team and implemented based on feasibility, level of positive impact to the user experience, and votes from the community. This post will be updated with any future information relevant to this process.

If you had any questions, please feel free to reach out and we will get back to you shortly.