Adding D3S charts to yellowfin?

Eric Tausend shared this question 3 years ago

Hi everyone,

We are looking to add some D3S charts for a customer onto yellowfin from the following websites.

Can anyone share with us to steps how we can add these charts into yellowfin 9?

thank you

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Hi Eric,

Thanks for showing interest in YF's ability to bring in 3rd party charting libraries. While we do allow for pretty much anything, you do need to be aware that creating such charts requires a level of development that is not cater for with 'how to use Yellowfin', it does fall under 'How to develop charts with D3S' . The website you linked looks great, but as you can see these examples are for users who already have an understanding of D3 development.

What you should probably be starting with this is something along the lines of this: An introduction into D3.

From here you can then practice with some of our examples we've created for the Ski Team Tutorial DB.

Outside of this, we can assist however it will be via the YF services team services. I've give your account manager a heads up in your D3 interest, however I can also put forward a service request if you're interested? Alternatively you can always reach out to your CSM directly to request this service. Our services team will be able to review your request and help you build the content to meet your requirements.

Hope this clears things up, and I'm happy to help further where I can.


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