Add Text Alignment to Numeric Display Chart

Tal Mickel shared this idea 6 years ago

Hey guys ! Dor here

I wanted to open this idea for so long but I keep forgetting.

I'm using the numeric display chart ALOT. and in 7.4 you inserted summarized value which is amazing.

What would complete this chart to perfection (might be more than one request) - is text alignment.

Right now, the text is always aligned to the center. If I had that option (inside the menu Style -> Font (Custom)) - that would be awesome.

Also - how about a Textual Display ? :)

If I want just a chart-box, just like the numeric display, but for displaying a alphanumeric characters like months, headers, values from the data table. that would be great too !


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Hi Dor,

Thanks for submitting your idea. I've gone ahead and logged this as an idea and opened an enhancement request for potential future development and will keep this post updated with further information regarding this case. I'm also opening another, separate Idea for the Alphanumeric Display Chart.




Comment on behalf of Peter Brusse:

Hi, I would also love this feature to make an upcoming version/build... At the moment there is no option to align the contents of a Numeric Display. This makes it very hard to organise report in a fashionable/good looking way.

For example:

On day 1, I run the report, and Chart 1 contains a value of "123" and Chart 2 also contains a value of "123"

So far so good...

On day 2, I run the report, the revenue (for example) grew, because of this, Chart 1 still contains 123, but now Chart 2 contains 12345678910. This then does not accommodate for the aligning perfection of what we need, hence the need for an alignment option.



Hi Tal,

Just writing to let you know that 9.3, which contains this enhancement, has been published!

You can download latest update installers here:

9.3: .exe / .jar

or download the full installer here.

Please upgrade and confirm all is well when you get the chance.



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