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Vidya shared this idea 2 years ago
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Some screens don't show fully with certain zoom levels. This also happens with some OS scaling settings (for example, so you can replicate locally and see what we're taking about, 150% OS zoom with 100% Browser Zoom). Some of the parts not showing in the screen are integral for the use of the application. This is an accessibility issue at the very least. These screens should probably provide a scroll-bar so everything is visible and accessible at any zoom level.


In this example, the 'Save' option is missing unless we zoom out on the Browser.

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Hi Matias,

Thanks for reaching out. I can see the value in making the pop-up's contain a scrollbar for when a given zoom level (whether at Browser or OS level) makes it so that certain options are cut-off.

I've gone ahead and submitted an internal enhancement request for the Product Team to consider further. The only thing I will say though is given the relative ease of the workaround (changing Browser zoom), I suspect this may not get looked at for a while, but nevertheless, I'm happy to move forward with the idea, as I do believe it's a valid one! Especially considering the accessibility concerns.

Any potential updates surrounding this enhancement will be posted here.



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