Add more basemap providers to GIS maps

Billy Jarnagin shared this idea 3 years ago

It would be great if it were possible to use alternative base map providers in GIS Maps--namely (for us), OpenStreetMap and Mapbox. Google is fine for most cases, but due to licensing restrictions our usage of GIS Maps is greatly circumscribed from what it would otherwise be for many use cases.

One such example: when we have to print reports that include maps for submission to compliance agencies, a Google GIS Map would be omitted from those reports. GIS Maps are a poor substitute here because we need a detailed base layer to provide context to our custom mapping data. Additionally, adding data via web services is error prone and, regardless, rarely leads to the production of a map which is visually suitable for submission to anyone, at least not without the aid of professional GIS tools. Finally, our mapping needs are at far too fine a scale for Geo Packs to even enter the conversation here.

While we don't expect Yellowfin to provide near the level of functionality that you might get from a GIS app, it would be nice if we could have the choice of a few other base maps as well as the option to print them.

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Hi Billy,

I hope all is well and thank you for submitting this Request regarding how we use GIS Maps...

I think going forward this would be a very unique option to have within Yellowfin and quite possibly would require some time to implement something along the lines of this.

With this I will take on board the request that you have submitted and raise this as an Enhancement Request within our Dev Team.

I can't give an exact ETA on this as this will need to be processed and passed through to the Dev Team, but hopefully soon we can have something along the lines of this implemented in a future Yellowfin Build.

I know this is probably not the answer you require but from what you have requested and from what I mentioned above I will push this forward. Please note I have assigned this with the Task ID of 239742 for future references.

I hope this helps and please do not hesitate to contact me with regards to any more questions you have about the GIS Maps.





is there any news on whether this feature will be implemented?