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Natalie Payne shared this idea 3 years ago
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I have a cross tab report that displays total per user and a total per all users, I was wondering if we can use those totals as a drill-through to a detailed report?




The difference when clicking on '0.00' on Wanda's Friday vs. clicking '1.57' on Wanda's row is when I click on '0.00' on Wanda's Friday, I get a detailed report for Wanda’s activities for that day, when I click on '1.57' on Wanda's row, I want to see a different report that will show all Wanda’s activities for that week(s) that was selected in the parameters.

As for clicking on the Final total, I would want a different report that as details for the Team.

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Hi Natalie,

I discussed this with one of our product Consultant's and basically from what we can see, you have reports for the details you're looking to see, it's just a matter of where you're clicking to get them - doing this in the way you've described as I'm sure you are already aware cannot be accomplished currently, but we're unsure as to why you'd need to click on the Total values.

That said, we've seen cases where clients have accomplished similar end results by utilizing Code Mode and/or Action Buttons in the V9 Dashboard. In V9, you can drag a Report into the canvas, then place a button next to the report on dashboard, that says User Total, for example, and clicking that button will lead you into a filtered report for say 'Run Time Details - All Days for User' filtered by 'Craig'. Then for the bottommost total, it'd be the same thing, the button would just lead to either 'Time Details - Full Details for Team' or 'Time Details - Request Tally for Team'.

Just to quickly demonstrate what this would look like:


Regardless, I have gone ahead and submitted an enhancement request for this, since what you're requesting is not currently possible in this exact way, but I'm not entirely optimistic it will be chosen for development, as I suspect if you were to work through this with a Consultant they could come up with additional suitable solutions to achieve this, but we'll leave it here in the Community for potential extra votes and feedback as well.

Any potential updates regarding this will be posted here.



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