Add a "Show Total" option for each field on a report

reut taizi shared this idea 1 week ago
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Enable the Total, on a per field/column basis to be hidden or for the Text (again on a per field basis) to be formatted as ‘transparent’ so as not to show on screen or printed/PDF reports.

We have an issue where we use a single currency metric that can contain a mix of USD, GBP, EU, etc, etc. and have multiple reports that are:

  • Split by Customer entity
  • Split by Currency

The impact is that while the Sub Total (per currency) is valid the Total (per customer) is meaningless being a mix of different currency values. We would still like to see other Totals (such as Qty) as these are consistent across the sub-totals

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Hi Reut,

Just letting you know that I have raised a seperate idea on your behalf for this. I am linking the dev ticket to this for referencing.