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I would like to see that like dashboards you can also add reports to a tab when you login. I know I can add a report to a dashboard and add that but the report is depending on the chosen value in a filter very short or very long. And as far I can see I have to manually set a height for a report on a dashboard. When the report gets longer than the defined value then there are 2 scrollbars at the right of the pagina. One for the report and one for the defined dashboard size.

An option to have the size of the dashboard grow dynamically depending on the size of the containing report would also be an option.

I understood you are redefining the dashboard in a next release. Might be good to have a look at this behaviour also :-).

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Hi JeRoen,

Thanks for reaching out to support with your idea. There's two ways I could go here for a possible software enhancement request, one would be an option to "use a single report as a dashboard," however I am not sure if a "redirect" to the "view report" feature is quite the experience you're looking for in this case, and it may be a little more difficult for developers to change how the login behavior works in this way. It sounds like alternatively there could be something like a "resize dashboard to report size" option on the dashboard settings like so -


Does this look like a valid visual representation of your objective? If so, I can create an enhancement request and provide the information to our developers. Or, if you prefer the prospect of having a single report load on login, I can pass that along as well. Just let me know!




Hello Eric,

Thank for responding.

Personally I would prefer the option to support reports in the tabs on startup. I think it is a 'cleaner' solution. But I do understand that it is might be the more difficult solution.

The second option to have a "resize dashboard to report" option in the dashboard would be perfect for the objective I am after. The only downside would be that you have to make an extra dashboard containing only 1 report which seems redundant. And that is not needed when reports are directly supported in tabs.

So both options are fine by me :-).c Thanks for looking into this.

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Hi Jen,

Thanks for the response, I've gone ahead and created an enhancement request in regards to this idea:

"Option to Resize Dashboard to Report Length Dynamically"

This ticket has been attached to the request for developers to reference, and your organization tagged as an affected client. Updates to the task will be provided as they are available. I will mark this ticket as Idea Logged for now; feel welcome to reply to this thread with further related inquiries.

I will also consult with colleagues to see about creating an additional "single report" dashboard tab enhancement request, which I could see looking something like this-


Combined with the initial "resize" enhancement, this might be exactly what you're looking for! I will provide an update here in regards to this shortly.