Ability to view the name of the drill through Report /Dashboard as a tooltip on hover

Asif Bhat shared this idea 2 years ago
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Hi Team,

We need the ability to view the name of the drill through report / dashboard as a tooltip after just hovering over the drill-through hyperlink .


Kind Regards,

Asif Bhat

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Hi Asif,

Thanks for submitting this idea. It's definitely a new one and I can see the use for it! Enhancement request created.

Kind regards,



Possible workaround -

Add information to report description.

Here when viewing a report, we can see what report the drill through field is going to drill through to by the information in the report description -


And then here I have drilled through to that report -


In regards to seeing this information on a dashboard, there is a way to view the report details, through I am not sure if this would be 100% to your liking. Though it is still a way to know which report you are drilling through to, before actually drilling through -


Or perhaps theres another way you can use drill throughs on dashboards. Instead of opening the full report, you could use popup windows. This works the same on reports & dashboards. -


Best Wishes,


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