Ability to use the browser 'back' button without issues

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In scenarios where using the 'back' button to go from an open report back to the browse page, you're often forced to click twice to open a report.

Can we have it so that when viewing active content, the back button takes us to previous page and we can then click another item to open or navigate to, without clicking twice.

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Hi Edward,

The devs have reviewed this, and while this is not impossible, it's something that would require some pretty big changes on our end,

I've gone ahead and logged an enhancement request for this though at this point in time there are no current plans to support this. This doesn't mean it won't happen, because we're sure it will, just unsure of 'when'.

Thanks for all the info you had previously sent on this.




Thanks David,

This is fairly important to us, and want to sort out sooner rather than later, so hopefully the fix won't be too far down the line.

Kind regards

Edward Kilby

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