Ability to use Drill Through pop ups multiple times

Jessica Feichtinger shared this idea 7 years ago
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Jeanick has 3 reports, one is on the dashboard, the other 2 are detailed reports that she wants to click through to. She drills through to the 2nd report in the 'open in new window' / pop up option. She would like to ability to drill through to the 3rd report from this pop up window. Currently this option only works when you don't use the pop up.

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Hi Jessica,

Thanks for you feedback.

I can confirm what you're experiencing is expected behaviour, though we have now raised this as an official enhancement request with the dev team.

What happens now is that this item (along with a bunch of others) will be grouped and discussed with the product team when planning out the next few road maps.

Will keep you posted on any updates, though it's not something we can currently provide an ETA on.

Please let us know if there was anything else you were after in the meantime..




I was curious if there were any more improvements or enhancements related to this...?

I am using version 9 and I am still looking for this to happen.




Hey David !

I´m on latest 9.6.0 and still havent noticed that this feature is working to allow to Drill-Through multiple times using the Pop-Up option.

In my opinion, I would find this very useful method in case there are multiple Views and drill-down is not possible and you don't want the end user to be taken away from dashboard but they would have the same drilling capability straight on the dashboard level.




Hi Argo

Thanks for expressing your interest in this feature. I've added a note to show your support and that more people have requested it.

Kind regards,


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