Ability to set default value based on SQL query

Jenny Kirillova (Leighton) shared this idea 5 years ago
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I need an option to be able to set default filter values dynamically. Something like we do for caching filter values via freehand sql.

Freehand sql for a report default filter values will be great.

Access filters should be considered as well as dependent filters.

This will allow a user to see the report with relevant data rather than empty screen once a report is loaded.

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Hey Jenny,

Yulia has raised this enhancement for you, though from what I understand if were were able to implement this idea, then this freehand default value is probably not needed.




Hi David, I click on 'idea' link and it's not working. Basically we have a data of a very high resolutions with many many rows returned. We cannot cache filters using standard YF functionality. We always cache filter values based on userid using custom freehand sql queries. If your idea allows us to cache filter using Custom queries and then default filter will be returned based on user that logs into application, then YES, that would be unforgettably awesome. At the moment inflexibility of default filters for Yellowfin users with source filters is suffocating.


Returning back to this problem... We have three VIP clients with lots of complex reports and now they ask to give access to regional managers and we struggle big deal. So this is something that is swelling really badly and is on it's way to explode sooner than later. Thanks again. Please keep me posted.


I agree this is an important feature. We had dynamic default values in SQL Server Reporting Services back in 2005 and it is hurting not having it in Yellowfin. Here's an example use case for us.

- multitenant system with 'standard' YF reports used by many client organisations.

- each client has a different 'base year' for their energy usage. Could be 2006, 2011 etc depending on client. The client wants to see data for their base year as soon as they run a report. They don't want to select the base year, and may not even remember what their organisation's base year is.

- We can easily look up the client's base year in our SQL database using a client code.

- The client may want to select a different base year when analysing their data, so it is not appropriate to simply filter the data by year in the YF View.

SQL Server Reporting Services has the concept of Parameters, including Dynamic Parameters. The value of one Parameter can be used in the evaluation of subsequent Parameters. It would be worth taking a look at that should YF embark on a default filter feature because it is very likely that report authors will want to supply a parameter to a function that returns the default value.

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