Ability to see user group membership via user information

Mark Whitehead shared this idea 3 months ago
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Hi there

In 7.1 you used to be able to see the User Groups a User was a member of when you Edited that Use (see below).

Please re add this feature into 8.0


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Hi Mark,

Thanks for coming to us with this. I have double checked and it does look like this was removed in 7.3. I have raised and enhancement request for this for to be investigated for future releases. Before becoming a request, ideas will be reviewed by our Product Team and chosen for Enhancements based on feasibility, level of positive impact to the user experience, and votes from the community. I've gone ahead and created the Idea under your name, you can monitor the status of its progression here. I'll mark this ticket as Completed so that we can track the progress of this through the Idea post.