Ability to redirect to login page when using SSO and object share links

Albert Wang shared this idea 2 months ago
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As shown below, when the user clicks a link in an email, the user will be redirected to a Yellowfin login page.

2f64099d654014fbedffa1d6bda8fc17However, our users login to Yellowfin via SSO web service and they do not know their Yellowfin password.

Is that possible to custom the link in the email so users are redirected to a custom login page, like our PHP login page, with the uuid of the story or report. And from there we can redirect the user to Yellowfin with SSO login.



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Hi Albert,

I can see how this would be important where Yellowfin has been embedded within other applications, or using an authentication method that happens outside of Yellowfin.

This enhancement has been officially logged for further review, and any updates will be posted here.

Unfortunately at this point in time I cannot comment on an ETA.

If there was anything else you were after in the meantime, please let me know.