Ability to pass extra option to Oracle DB to improve optimization of DB Query

Marc Jané Rafecas shared this idea 5 years ago
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We have found out that a report with a few subquerys was running too slow, even to the point of losing the connection, dependant on which filter we picked, and also in a non consistent way i.e. at some point in time it was this filter value, other time it was another value that caused this.

Investigating it, we found that Oracle 11g optimizes some Inner Join querys to some sort of cross join, but it does at it's criteria, and clearly it was doing it wrong.

There is an option you can call on views, inside of Oracle, /*+ no_merge(table) */ so it gets bypassed. The thing is that if they disable that function, it's not an official option, they might lose the licence support on the Oracle DB. So the only option is to call this each time some query is sent to the DB from YF.

We would like a way to pass this hint to Oracle: /*+ no_merge(table) */ from YF side, in the view, the reports, whatever?

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Hi Marc,

Thank you for posting your product idea, we love to hear about new ways we can make the product even better and easier to use.

We review ideas each month and work with the Community to help encourage feedback to rank suggestions that we can present to our product team for review. Not all ideas make it into the product roadmap but all ideas lead to some new thinking for our team.

Keep sharing and as soon as the status changes on your post you will know if we have moved your idea into our product roadmap or a status of 'not planned'.



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