Ability to make Default Draft Folder Private

Dan Lunasin shared this idea 4 years ago
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Hi Eric,

The default draft folder will automatically be a public folder when the option is selected. Is there a way to make that Private, as we have only a number of users on the client org who we want to have access to that folder and potentially add files to.

Please let me know. If this is not possible, can this be added as a feature request?

Having the "ability to mark a draft folder as private" would be the enhancement request. To further expand on the request, ideally would be having the "ability to set a default draft folder per user".

Thank you,


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Hi Dan,

Thanks for reaching out to support with this feature request. I've gone ahead and created a developer task to look into this potential software enhancement. I'll provide updates here as they are available. I'll mark this ticket as Idea Logged in the meantime; feel welcome to reply here with further related inquiries.



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