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Damien Boden shared this idea 5 years ago


Are there any plans to enable a story to be exported to PDF? We are using reports for our board / committee meetings but we need a way to preserve a version of the report for audit purposes.

One option is to create snapshots of reports to then use these in the story but this means

a) Having to create new snapshots every month

b) Creating a new copy of the story every month to rename as the current month

c) Having to replace the version of all of the reports used in the story

If we could create a pdf to be saved locally then that would solve our problem, the ideal solution would be to be able to save a copy in Yellowfin so users could access the history but I don't see how this could be achieved without following the steps outlined above.



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HI Damien,

Thanks for reaching out to support with your question.

I have found an open enhancement request in our developer system - "Import/Export of Story." I have added you as an affected client to this task. Updates to the task will be provided here as they are available. I will mark this ticket as Idea Logged; feel welcome to reply to this thread with related inquiries.




Hi Damien,

Good news - this feature is now available as of our most recent 9.4 release -

-Enabled PDF exports of stories.

You can find a link to the download and the Release Notes via the announcement page -


I will in turn mark this Idea Post as Completed. Feel welcome to reach out with a ticket if you happen to experience any issues with this new feature.



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