Ability to exclude data source information in export

Jonathan Allen shared this idea 5 years ago

When exporting content from YF all dependencies are included. Currently this also includes the underlying data source and all db connection information including the address and unencrypted password. This is a huge security issue for us and is preventing us from allowing any of our users to export and backup their content.

Is there a way to prevent users from exporting database connection information when exporting YF content?

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Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for reaching out. I tested this and can indeed see the db connection information is exported as well. There doesn't appear to be a way to prevent this. I do however think this is a valid Idea and have gone ahead and logged an enhancement request in our internal tracking system. I've also changed this from a Question to an Idea ticket. Any potential updates regarding this matter will be posted here.




Hi Guys,

Just wanted to let you know this fix has been included in our 9.8.2 release

Ability to exclude data source information in export

you can find release notes and downloads here -


I'll mark this Idea as Completed at this time.



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