Ability to copy field configuration settings from one to another

anqi shared this idea 18 months ago
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Is there a way to copy/duplicate configuration settings - to make conditional formatting, filter formatting, calculated fields less manual in Reports, copying sets of columns, etc. Or be able to copy a graph from one report to another, and then substitute the x/y variables but keep same formatting?

The use case we have is we have a lot of customized formatting we have set up for some percentage column (formatters, display setting etcs) and want to create a new calculated field. There doesn't seem to be any way to carry over the same formatting except by tweaking all the settings once again. Is there any better solution? If not, could this be an enhancement we request?

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Hi Kevin,

This is the public idea post for this enhancement. I hope that's all okay. If so, I'll move this over to Idea Logged.

Kind regards,


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