Ability to change the sort order of filters on a Custom Query

John Phillips shared this idea 3 years ago
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I need to apply a custom sort order (not alphabetic) to the filter list and currently the only option is either ascending or descending alphabetically. This is using a Custom Query.

It would be great to be able to change the order of the filter list possibly using links to an org ref code and apply my own custom sorting.

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Hi John,

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You could possibly use a custom query for this unless the ordering is completely impossible, even then you may be able to brute force this:

Select colA
From (
  Select distinct colA, colD
  From TableB
) t1
Order by colD


Select colA
From (
  Select distinct colA, row_number() over(partition by colB order by colD descending) [col_ord] from TableB
) temp_table
order by [col_ord]

or brute force. My db has a calendar table. This final example changes the order of years

select year_name from
	select distinct Calendar.year_name, ord 
	from Calendar
	JOIN  (VALUES(2000, 5),(2001, 1), (2012,2), (2017, 3), (2019, 4)) order_table (year_name, ord)
		on order_table.year_name = Calendar.year_name
) t1
order by ord


Actually, if you make the column a reference code with your sort options, then click on that column and choose add to filter, does it not keep the order?


Yes - I have done this

It works well


I did try using a ref code, but it doesn’t seem to have worked in our case (cached filters using a custom query).

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Ahhh - if you need to use a Custom Query it won't work

However - if you don't - you need to set the Format to the Reference Code you want to use 2e612a45b0c61b1e291b9f481bd06332Then you simply do this in the Filter Formatting


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