Ability to add/remove user to multiple groups via a single webservice call

Udara Gunasekara shared this idea 7 years ago
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We have a requirement to ADD/REMOVE a User into multiple GROUPS in a single web service call.The reason for this is that we have a large no of groups that needs to be defined to control individual access to reports.(~60).

Calling the current web services 'INCLUDEUSERINGROUP' and DELETEUSERINGROUP will not scale well for our scenario.

Currently these actions don't take an array of groups, which would make this much easier.

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Hi Undara,

Thank you for getting in touch. I was wondering if you could elaborate a bit on the need for this. If you already have an array of group names that you wish to remove users from, you can then loop through this array, calling the "DELETEUSERINGROUP" for each group.

Is there a reason why this will not work in your case?




Hi Nathan,

In our system the user will belong to a large no of groups(more than 50). So if we loop through DELETEUSERINGROUP/ INCLUDEUSERINGROUP, it'll take a long time to execute. This is more of a problem because we need to synchronise the user's report access at the time of login and the yellowfin server is already busy.

If the webservice allows you to send the list of groups that needs to be added and removed, we can do this without incurring the overhead of several webservice calls to yellowfin.




Thanks Udara for elaborating on this.

We've logged this as an enhancement, however no ETA has yet been set.

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