A new User field called "Broadcast Email" that doesn't have a unique constraint on it

Jane Parkhomenko shared this idea 7 years ago
Not Planned

Please implement a new User field called "Broadcast Email Address". This should be optional, so if it were left blank then YF would populate it with the normal login email address, however, when it is populated by some LDAP attribute then YF will use it to send Broadcasts to and it won't have a unique constraint on it, so 2 different YF accounts could have the same Broadcast address.

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HI Jane,

Unfortunately this is not something that is planned for Yellowfin.

Reason being, it's not so simple to implement with our current licence model, and security framework. Email address are tied to user accounts, and this is what is also used to control security, which also impacts licence multicasting.

I think the best option here would be to have a special email address that can be used to distribute a report to multiple users.

E.g. you have an email address "GroupReports@gmail.com", and use this to create a YF user.

If you want to send a report to a large group of users, you simply send it to that address.

Hope this makes sense, and please let me know if you had further questions/feedback on this.



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