7.3+ Enhancement Request: Allow MAX(value) to be an option for query defined values filters

Bill Perrello shared this idea 6 years ago
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We have quite a number of reports that show data based on a date driven snapshot. In other words, we have agg tables that have a snapshot of a number of statistics for each customer for each date (hundreds of thousands of records daily). Ideally, we would want to only bother to allow the last x days of the data in the table to be seen by end user, ordered by most recent to oldest based on a filter. We were unable to achieve this desire in 7.2, and unable to achieve it in 7.3+. We have suggested it as an enhancement in the past. Our desire would be to have an option for the "first" item in the list (which would be the max(date)) to be default selected even if the filter is a query defining the filter values.

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Hey Bill,

Thanks for passing this over. Since this falls into the ballpark of desired enhancements, I'm going to go ahead and move it over to the Idea category of the Community. Here, other people can vote on it and it can be considered by out product team for inclusion in the roadmap. Let me know if you have any questions on this!




Hi Bill,

just letting you know that an Enhancement Request has been created (YFN-8376) from this Community Idea.




Hay Bill

i hope i didn't missunderstanding abou this problem

i just trying to help

i used my data, i hope you can implement this

...what I'm confused about ..we can't use the MAX function directly on the filter, but if we use APPEND and create formula on CALCULATE....IT WORKS

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