7.2 is incompatible with Jave 8.0.151 - Urgent

YangyangCai shared this problem 6 years ago

Hi Team,

Hope you have haing a good day today.

Out team noticed that 7.2 (20160727 - autoit) patch is incompatible with Jave 8.0.151 (Lastest Jave).

1. We install YF service on client's web server.

2. Then we run localhost:8000

3. When we login in, the error is: /D81q+Z0Uruh4AAAAAElFTkSuQmCC

If I used the old java version like Jave 8.0.111, YF runs good.

Could you please have a look at this issue for us?

Much appreciate your help.



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Hi Nancy,

You've done all of the detective work!

We actually just found this out yesterday also, and still investigating, but from what we can see this is actually a bug with the latest Java (and only impacts Windows and latest MacOS)

Essentially there is a compression library used which is incompatible with Tomcat 7.

So as of right now, there are 2 ways around this;

  • Downgrade Java . Like you have done.
  • Upgrade Tomcat to 8. Some inf on how to do this can be found here

We're still looking for specific mention of this defect via external articles and will update this topic over the coming days, but at this point in time there is no way we can address this in Yellowfin 7.2.

We do ship with Tomcat 8 in 7.3 , so we're covered there.

Will keep you posted on updates.




Hi Nancy,

Just circling back on this.

We are not currently planning on patching the older 7.2 release to work with the latest java, when using the older Tomcat 7.

We believe the best way forward is to upgrade the Tomcat instance, or Yellowfin.

Sorry for the delays in getting back to you , and please let me know if there was anything else you were after.



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