Ability to hide fields in the report builder field list but still allow them to be referenced

Gerhard Mitterlechner shared this idea 52 days ago
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We were already aware of disabling the field in the Table Options in the View Model. However we are searching for a way to be able to do this programmatically, in batch for several fields, and without having to edit the YF view in the web GUI. Note that the staff that deploys our YF views at the customer's server should have as little work as possible when doing customer-specicif adaptions (like renaming fields and hiding/deleting them), we do not want them to do "development" tasks on the customer server which might go "wrong", and we do not want to have to repeat these steps any time a new version of the original YF view (that contains all fields) has to be re-deployed. So yes, please, I would prefer an enhancement request that allows for a value of the accessCode that only hides but not puts any other restrictions upon the field.

It does not need to be restricted to particular users.

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Hi Gerhard,

I've created this public enhancement post so that the wider Community can view and vote for this idea! Hopefully we see it in a future version of Yellowfin.

Kind regards,



Thank you!


No worries! I'll move this to Idea Logged while we wait to hear more.

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