database substitution issue after upgrading to 9.8.2

anqi shared this question 11 months ago

We recently upgraded from to the newly released 9.8.2 and started having data source substitution errors across our platform. Our set up is essentially the same as what was described by this user in this ticket -

We checked under our child accounts and while all the connection settings seem correct and should be pulling from child schemas, YF still continues to pull from the parent schema.

Seems like this is a known issue? Is this something that was introduced POST version 9.7??? Please advise on what's our best bet now - should we roll back the update?

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Looks like the ticket referenced above was changed or deleted:
Essentially our setup is using data source substitution to switch the primary org's schema out in the child accounts.

For our data source we have multiple views based off of it. Some of the views are working correctly and some are not.
(When looking at the SQL, some views include the schema name and some omit it, even though all are based on the same data source).

I believe all database and schema logic is handled by the data source, not the view, so it is strange that we are not getting consistent behavior among each of the views.


I our data source setting look like this in the primary org:

(Yet still some views are attaching the primary orgs schema name in the child accounts)


Hello Luke,

Greetings of the day!

I can see that there is a another ticket raised for the same issue in our community portal. So we will update you on this ticket (

I will close this and work on that other ticket.


Sri Vamsi


Hi Vamsi - looks like we can't view that other ticket. Can you let us know if you require other additional data from us in order to diagnose?

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