What is the Yellowfin application server?

Yellowfin is our java application, however, it needs to be run by an application server in order to connect to it. You can think of it like, we have built a house (the application), but no roads/access to it (the application server). By default we ship with the latest 'tested' version of Tomcat. 

Currently as of 7.2, we ship with Tomcat 7.

There are a few application servers out there, though Yellowfin can only fully support Tomcat as this is the application server we do all of our testing on. So, we will help as best as we can, though sometimes issues can arise from the application server itself, so there is little we can do from within our code.

Some of the other main application servers you may have heard;

  • Apache Tomcat (same as ours)
  • OAS (Oracle Application Server)
  • Websphere
  • Weblogic
  • Wildfly
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