Can I update the licence during the Yellowfin upgrade?

Sachin Ambulgekar shared this question 7 years ago


I have use case where, I am using YellowFin 7.1 20151203 [License expiration : 31 Dec 2017] and wanted to upgrade to YellowFin 7.1 20161021[License expiration : 31 Dec 2017] . I observed that when I upgrade to targeted version, the license information does not gets updated, as YellowfinUpgrade.jar does not asks for License Path. Whereas, when I install directly to the target build instead of upgrade from older version , it updates the license information

I understand that , post the upgrade to latest version , if I use the manual update for .lic file from License mgmt, it suffice the problem, but how can we make this as part of upgrade through YellowfinUpgrade.jar installer

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Unfortuantely at this time, all licence changes are post upgrade actions.

Changing the license file while running the upgrade installer is not possible,

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