Why I cannot see "Change Datasource" on the View editor?

Mahesh Thatipamula shared this question 5 years ago

I got a View and cannot change the Datasource when I edit the View.

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Here is the trick, If you edit a Cloned View and try to find an option to change the View Datasource, then you will not be able to.

Why because a Cloned View is still connected to the Parent View from where it is cloned and has an option to Rollback.

So if you want to change the datasource for a Cloned View, then Edit the Cloned View and Publish it with/without any changes.

This process with remove link with the ParentView and you will loose the ability to Rollback the View.

Now Edit the View, then you will see the option to change the Datasource for the View.

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