Why do I see two Yellowfin mobile apps?

Yellowfin FAQ shared this question 4 years ago

On the app store I can see two separate Yellowfin apps, what is the difference?

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There is a short answer, and then there is the long answer. I'll provide the short answer below, though I would still suggest checking out this blog as it covers the mobile app experience provided by most vendors, and how we differ.

In short;

The latest app focuses on providing business users with the best mobile experience possible, focusing on Signals, Stories and Collaboration. You will also need to be on the latest 8.0.3 release (or later) to use the app against your Yellowfin.

The legacy app is there for users wanting to access reports/dashboards, or using an version of Yellowfin older than 8.0.3.

We will be slowing moving some functionality to the newer app and killing off the older app, though this will take some time to ensure that we can provide the best experience for all of our existing user base.

Please reach out to the Yellowfin Support Team if you have any further questions on this.



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