What is Yellowfin Signals?

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I've heard so much about Yellowin Signals, but I don't have any real info on what it is, and how it works.

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Yellowfin Signals automatically discovers and surfaces the most important changes in your data as they happen. Alerts are immediately delivered as these changes occur. Yellowfin Signals performs time series analysis - taking slices of time series data based on the dimensionality available. It will automatically deliver statistically significant changes, but based on the machine algorithms that are constantly scheduled.

Yellowfin Signals will inherently know the data and content you have access to and will only serve up Signals based on your data permissions. It will also become more personalized the more the user interacts with it. The Signals that a user watches, rates or ignores - Yellowfin stores this and refines its recommendation engine so it knows what matters to the individual, and can serve more relevant Signals in the future.

To find out even more about Yellowfin Signals, and how to get started, check out our wiki over here: Yellowfin Signals.

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