What happens to existing Storyboards after upgrading to v9?

Yellowfin FAQ shared this question 10 months ago

Storyboards are being deprecated in Yellowfin 9. What will happen to Storyboard content that I have created in earlier versions of Yellowfin? Will I be able to edit my existing Storyboards?

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Storyboards have been deprecated in Yellowfin 9, however, content created in previous versions will still be available in a read-only format.

Although Storyboards will be available after an upgrade, they will not be able to be imported into Yellowfin 9 from previous versions. Furthermore, read-only versions of Storyboards that exist in Yellowfin 9 will not be able to be exported.

In order to edit Storyboards, they will have to be recreated in Yellowfin's new Present mode. You can find further information on Present at the Yellowfin Wiki.

If you have any questions about the new Present mode, you can reach out here.

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