What does 'SessionUtil.jsp' do? It's causing performance issues

David Registro shared this question 6 years ago

My Yellowfin navigation takes 10secs + , and after looking at the browser console (network tab) I can see the culprit is always SessionUtil.jsp.


This impacts logging in, hitting the browse or admin pages. This does not affect the actual reports themselves.

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This SessionUtil file contains information about the session along with all translation text for Yellowfin.

In the past this would load on most pages within Yellowfin.

However as of 7.1 July 2016 onwards, we stripped out the translation text from that file, and it now lives in it's own file.

The file now loads just once for the browser you're using. It won't re-load until you clear the browser cache, or upgrade Yellowfin.

So when you log in for the first time on that browser, it will take a little longer, then after that Yellowfin will not reload the translation text.

However if you clear the browser cache, or upgrade Yellowfin, it will need to re-load the translation file again on the first login.

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