What are the server requirements for 7.4?

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What are the 7.4 server specs?

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The server specs for 7.4 are almost the same as the 7.3 server specs, with the below additions.

A new official server specs doc will be created and linked to once finalised.

Minimum Functional Server Specification (Yellowfin will start and run with these specifications, but it is not recommended for production or multi-user use. )

1Ghz Single Core 32-bit CPU

2GB RAM (1.4GB allocated to Yellowfin)

1GB HDD free space

Recommended Minimum Server Specification (This specification will allow Yellowfin to serve many concurrent users )

3Ghz Quad-Core (8-thread) 64-bit CPU

8GB RAM (7GB allocated to Yellowfin)

5GB HDD free space

The specifications above are for a dedicated Yellowfin Server, with no other significant software running on the server other than the operating system. Running a database or other software on the same server would require additional RAM and CPU to meet the recommended minimum specification.

For more info on Yellowfin 7.4, please check the following release notes.

For anything else, please reach out to the YF support team via support@yellowfin.bi, or via the YF community.




Hi David,

Thanks for this, can I confirm if the Recommended Server Specs have changed for the Version 8 release?



Hey Dominic, the server specs for 8.0 have changed slightly in some ares, depending on what modules you're using.

You can check out the server specs for v8.0 over here on our wiki.

Please let me know if you have any other questions on this.



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