Weighted Average with Caculation

Chad Miller shared this question 3 years ago

So I've requested weighted averages before and have always been able to do them with Sub Query's. However, I've run into one I don't know how to do. I have a Run Time Column and a Target Ouput column. So I need to Multiply RT * TargetOutput. then I need to use the total/SUM of that column and divide the actual pieces made by the total target pieces.

In the attached image. I need to take A*B to get C. Then D/(summed total of C).

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I have figured out that I was overcomplicating things. I just did exactly what I was asking and removed the breakdown which gives me the answer I needed. If I need a breakdown I can create a second report. I was too caught up in Weighted totals rather than doing the obvious.


Hi Chad,

Glad you got something to work!

Typically, as you have noticed, with weighted averages it will take a couple separate methods of presentation to achieve your goals. Another thought that has worked in the past has been to use and append sub-query to gain a group sum and count, which will then provide you with the necessary pieces to show the breakdown.

You can then use charts to aggregate the results and display the true group weighted averages.

Let me know if you run into problems with your current approach and we can look into this further!