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Noel shared this question 2 years ago


I have a set of dashboards for which the data is each business day. I'd like for the reports to update to the most recent data on loading but I don't seem able to achieve this.

I cannot use yesterday as the data is not updated on the weekends.

I know I can use max date, but that converts the filter into a dropdown, instead of a date picker -which is a date picker.

Any ideas?

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Hi Simon,

Thanks for the reply, however, neither option works for me.

As mentioned, the data is only updated on business days, so on a Monday or after a Public holiday, the reports will be empty because there is no data for the last 24 hours/yesterday. Basically, what I need is the max date on a date picker filter - if that makes sense


Thanks Simon,

That post is three years old, and not yet implemented, so the reality is that is not going to be done.

I have seen what look like reasonable requests for Yellowfin to add that haven't been done in 7 years, so I'm going to assume that this is not going to be done either.

All good.

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