Understanding 7.2 Personal Content Writer & Collaborator role

Mike Duffy shared this question 4 years ago

I'm considering creating a custom role, and I'm trying to understand how some of the default roles work.

The role "Personal Content Writer & Collaborator" as all the CRUD boxes ticked next to "Public Reports" (see screenshot) . What I don't understand is ;

a) doesn't that mean the user has access to edit public reports ?

b) why are the check boxes for "Public Reports" greyed out ?

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Hi Mike,

Thanks for getting in touch.

This is a good question, I can definitely see how the relationship of all of the boxes can be a little confusing, especially when creating a role from scratch.

In regards to the Public Reports CRUD boxes, as long as the Public Reports box itself isn't checked none of the CRUD boxes should apply, even though the greyed out boxes are still checked. So for example with your screenshot, the user shouldn't have any permissions for public reports enabled because the Public Reports box is not ticked.

One thing to note when creating an all new role is that the Create (C) permission for Report Access is unchecked by default. This will in turn disable all sorts of options under the Report Builder section, including the Public Reports box. To enable these options, just check the C under Report Access.

Hopefully that clears up your questions, but please let me know if I've missed anything!