Unable to access the Prepare screen for a view - just clocking

Andy Swartz shared this question 2 years ago

I added a calculated field to my view "Completed Sales Master View v3." Apparently, the new field created an issue with the view because I can no longer open the Prepare screen. When I attempt this, I just get the spinner. It will not time out. It's been going on for hours.

Can you fix this? My work on a view/report cannot proceed. This is a priority for me.



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I was able to resolve this issue by removing from the model the table that included the fields that I used for my view-level calculated field. I then restored the deleted table to the model and the offending calculated field was gone and all was well.

I would still like to know how a view-level calculated field could cause this behavior. Don't views that are attempting to render in the "Prepare" mode eventually time out?


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