Tooltip in Charts truncating values

Asif Bhat shared this idea 2 months ago
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Hi Team,

Values are not showing up properly on Line Charts when hovering.

In the table the value is "97", however, when the value is view via the Line Chart Tooltip, it shows as "9..." which makes it unusable.

Enabling the labels at the chart level will show the values correctly but when we have more lines in the chart enabling the labels will make the graph messy.

Kind Regards,

Asif Bhat

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Hi Asif,

Thank you for your message. I have raised this Enhancement Request for you.

In the meantime a way to get around this is, is by adding the below .css file to your /appserver/webapps/ROOT/customcss directory. What this does is overwrites the Tooltips width, so that the underlying values are visible in the Chart view. If 330px is not enough (default value is 250px), feel free to increase that amount until you get your desired result.