Thin Horizontal Stacked Bar

Melissa Baldwin shared this question 3 years ago

After upgrade to 9.3, horizontally stacked bar charts became super thin. Not sure how to adjust to regain their original thickness. Had to go into the Chart Axis and set to the Titles to 'Custom' and after the report save, ended up with these super-thin bar chart. Is there some setting that would change the bar width? or is this a bug?


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I see now that it set my Date Filed as a Time Series and then up the units a milliseconds

I get a thick bar if I set the time series units as seconds. But couldn't get the vertical axis label centered.

When I turn off the time services I get this smaller bar. Is there any way to increase the vertical thickness of this bar?



Thank you. Reports originally created in 7.1, upgraded to 7.4 (edited to fix the gradient settings), then upgraded to 8.1, then edited again in 9.3 when rebuilding dashboards ;)

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