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Quentin Leeds shared this question 3 years ago

How many sub-queries can be added to a report?

When I add my 4th sub-query (simple Appends and different dimension values), I get "an error occured retrieving the results from the database".

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Hi Quentin,

Thanks for sending in the question. You should be able to add more than four sub queries. I think that you should only be limited by by the amount of queries your database supports (SQL Server Allows up to 32 sub queries) and the amount of memory it might take to process those queries in Yellowfin.

Can you let us know which version and build of Yellowfin you are using along with the type of configuration database you are using so that we can test this using your environmental variables?

Also, can you confirm that this happens every time you attempt to build 4 sub queries?

Lastly, are you using basic or advanced sub queries?

Anyway I look forward to hearing back and helping investigate this one further.

Kind Regards,



Hi Dustin

Thanks for coming back to me promptly and I apologise for taking this long to respond to your query. I have buried myself in the product and have finally taken a breather to respond.

During the training and more so now, I realised that the most important factor for success in Yellowfin, is the design of the Views and the relationships between the tables.

I have been able to add over 10 sub-queries to my other reports and realise that the way my relationships in my View had been set up was affecting that report. The message was basically telling me that the joins that I had set up in my view could not provide any results for me.

The underlying database and tables that I m interrogating with Yellowfin contain a whole lot of incomplete and "dirty" data, so I have been forced to convert some of my inner joins in my QA Client to outer joins and this mix of join types is affecting the system's ability to resolve my queries.

So, in short, the system was telling me, correctly, that I had got it wrong.




Hi Quentin,

Sorry for the huge delay on this, I'm going to mark this question as answered.

If you do have anything else you were after, please let us know!