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Pratiksha Rane shared this question 2 years ago

Is there a way to clean up inactive user profiles and contents( i.e reports &views) created by them from system in bulk. Especially looking for view deletion.

In customer's environment currently there are 6000 views and 2000 reports created by those users who are not present in system currently.

Are there any queries available to remove it from database in a batch ? What will be the impact on application ?

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Hi Pratiksha,

We don't have a clean up DB query we can publically share, however as you are from BMC I believe you had developed your own DB query tool that does just this, and is part of your off boarding process. I suggest chatting to your dev team and they can assist you with the queries being run.

What I can however say is that this type of situation should not be common, as deleting a user will give you to option to delete or move private content. Any other content that they created and is public is accessible by all, so can easily be found in the browse page and manually deleted. Note: Deleting views will delete all related reports.

I suspect 6000 views on any system is edge case, and not something I would expect you to ever see again (in all my years this is the first I have heard) and really stems from product knowledge, if you need 6000 views you must be using the system wrong ;) .

Please delete these views from the browse page in bulk (you can multi-select), then ensure the end users understand that views should be built in a way to service multiple reports and use-cases.

Please let me know if you had any other questions.



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