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Eliran Jerby shared this question 4 years ago


Our site written in C# and I would like to login programmatically,

I've looked for documentation about this issue and found that I should add a reference.cs file and then write some code according to your example in the example folder at the server installation dir, file name: ws_admin_singlesignon.jsp, I should write something like that:

  1. AdministrationServiceResponse rs = null;
  2. AdministrationServiceRequest rsr = new AdministrationServiceRequest();
  3. AdministrationServiceService ts = new AdministrationServiceServiceLocator("localhost", 8080, "/services/AdministrationService", false);
  4. AdministrationServiceSoapBindingStub rssbs = (AdministrationServiceSoapBindingStub) ts.getAdministrationService();
  5. rsr.setLoginId("");
  6. rsr.setPassword("test");
  7. rsr.setOrgId(new Integer(1));
  8. rsr.setFunction("LOGINUSER");
  9. AdministrationPerson ap = new AdministrationPerson();
  10. ap.setUserId("");
  11. ap.setPassword("test");
  12. rsr.setPerson(ap);
  13. rs = rssbs.remoteAdministrationCall(rsr);

The problem is that the AdministrationServiceService and AdministrationServiceSoapBindingStub are not recognized at all and the code is not compiled.

Any suggestion?

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Hi Eliran,

Thanks for sending the question through. From a support perspective, we don't actually 'support' c# integration, but we do have some customers that have integrated with c# in the past.

Do you think you could take a quick look at the below forum posts on the same subject and see if this information helps?

Let me know if you have any questions or if you continue to run into difficulties.

Kind Regards,



Hi Eliran,

I think the following post might also provide some useful info:

Please let us know how it all goes.