Report Which Displays Text With Concatenated Column

Frank Caruso shared this question 19 months ago

I have been tasked with creating a report that looks like this:


Using a single report with append queries I can get all of the counts/values. But what I cannot figure out is how to concatenate those results with a text description. Not sure if this is even possible. Any help is appreciated.

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Hi Frank,

Thanks for your question.

Do the text values need to be concatenated, or are they to be their own separate column? If they can be in their own column it's a fairly easy process, where you are able to create a Calculated Field with text input, and add the calculated fields to each of the subqueries. You can then also make the value column a Drill Down/ Through, which is what it looks like you are aiming for in your initial image.

Another simpler option is to add in the columns as rows instead so that every field is listed vertical rather than horizontally.

Finally, you could use a Report canvas, and create more of a Dashboard style report, where each metric is a Numerical Display Chart and you drag text widgets with the name of each metric you are measuring into the canvas.

I've attached a couple of screenshots as reference, let me know if any of these meet your requirements.

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Arg!! Hate when I miss the obvious solution. Presenting the data as Rows is the solution.

Thank you Simon