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Durgesh Mange shared this question 2 days ago
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Hello Team,

Is there any way to see the history of broadcast ran on Particular report as schedule Management console only show last ran of the report.

I would like to develop a admin report where we can provide the report name, broadcast name or subject and timeframe to fetch the status of the report broadcast(failed, success).

can you please help me with the details which table need to refer and its relationship.



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Hey Durgesh,

I hope you are well!

You will need the Event Code, Event Type Code and Event Date from the Event Table and then the Name from the Report table..To narrow down the results for broadcasts, you may also want to add Event Code to the Filters section and define the value to Report Broadcast, or to the values of your choosing -

Here is my Example below



Let me know if this helped or not! Will be happy to continue looking into this if this did not help!

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