Remove trailing whitespace from table headers

Sam shared this question 3 months ago

I have an embedded table and would like to minimize how much readers have to scroll horizontally to view it. A lot of the table space is going to trailing whitespace at the end of column headers, see for instance the column here "Sum of PFOS and PFOA":


Do you have advice on how to fit this table into less horizontal space? I have tried everything I see on the Design -> Table Formatting and Column Formatting page.

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The issue is even more pronounced when I replace "Not Detected" with "ND":



Hi Sam,

Thanks for your message.

You should just be able to drag the edges between the header cells to resize the width.



Let me know if this gets the result you are after.

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Thanks Simon. Maybe I was thinking about the wrong aspect of this. Once I unlocked headers my columns look nice and narrow and don't cause a horizontal scroll bar in the embed. I now see that I'm getting that trailing whitespace in column names (and unnecessary column width) as a result of the embedded table stretching wide to fill the entire width of the browser. Maybe that's just responsive design at work.

That's not a big deal, I don't need to restrict the total table width to some minimum width, so I think I'm set and this can be closed.