Remove trailing whitespace from table headers

Sam shared this question 2 years ago

I have an embedded table and would like to minimize how much readers have to scroll horizontally to view it. A lot of the table space is going to trailing whitespace at the end of column headers, see for instance the column here "Sum of PFOS and PFOA":


Do you have advice on how to fit this table into less horizontal space? I have tried everything I see on the Design -> Table Formatting and Column Formatting page.

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The issue is even more pronounced when I replace "Not Detected" with "ND":



Thanks Simon. Maybe I was thinking about the wrong aspect of this. Once I unlocked headers my columns look nice and narrow and don't cause a horizontal scroll bar in the embed. I now see that I'm getting that trailing whitespace in column names (and unnecessary column width) as a result of the embedded table stretching wide to fill the entire width of the browser. Maybe that's just responsive design at work.

That's not a big deal, I don't need to restrict the total table width to some minimum width, so I think I'm set and this can be closed.



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